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DaddyKool - Diaper bags for Dads

DaddyKool is the first of its kind in South Africa to design and manufacture exclusive Diaper Bags that Dads can finally own and wear with pride. These bags are more than a fashion item; they are a means to ensure that Dad has everything he needs on him when out with his little one. To be out with baby and not fully equipped with baby's essentials can wreak havoc. We assist Dad to be prepared and in control when on shift– see www.daddykool.co.za

Masquerade Costume Hire & Novelties

Masquerade Costume Hire and Novelties is a family-run business that has been operating as one of the biggest stores in the industry for 16 years. Apart from our wide selection, our customers favour us for our outstanding costumes and beautiful upmarket stores - all of which contribute to a memorable Masquerade experience. We take pride in our costumes and always ensure that they are washed and in perfect condition before hiring them out to the next person - another reason why our customers prefer our service - see www.masqueradecostumes.co.za

Koukla - Confectionary

Koukla is where you can delight in dozens of freshly baked cakes, cupcakes and other deliciously decadent treats for any occasion – see www.koukla.co.za